POŠTA SLOVENIJE / Post of Slovenia


40´´ professional LCD displays with the integrated PCs are installed above all the post counters. They bring information about the weather, postal services and of Post of Slovenia’s special services, time, date and news. The management of the contents and their distribution on the LCD displays is centralized and as such controlled from a single centre. This control centre also receives information about potential technical errors, transfer errors, incorrect content display etc. Their network is monitored during the business hours of the post offices. When the post office bureaus are closed the LCD displays turn off automatically to achieve greater energy efficiency. 

SKB BANKA d.d. / SKB Bank d.d.

In SKB Bank bureaus we have installed LCD displays with the integrated PCs. They display current weather information according to the region in which the bank’ bureau is located, advertisements and their special offers. In addition to LCD displays, we have also installed the so-called kiosk systems, which their customers can use for web browsing while waiting in the line.


Parking garage Trdinova

We were one of the first companies in Europe that succeeded to integrate digital advertising displays into a parking garage. 



Sales promotions on AUTIGRILL stops throughout the Slovenia. 



 Establishment of corporative advertising in the administrative building of Petrol Slovenia.


Mobitel d.d.

Interactive informing about new products and services for buyers.


Grand hotel Primus Ptuj

At the main entrance to Grand hotel Primus we installed an 82" exterior display Icon. IconOne DID solutions have a built-in smart card, which can manage fully automatic heating and cooling and that enables each unit to fully adapt to any environment and that it functions perfectly under various conditions.

In the hotel lobby there is an interactive info point, which notifies the hotel guests about the hotel, possible sport activities and current events in the city of Ptuj. The 40" touchscreen is built-in in the already existing wooden elements and therefore it elegantly blends in with the surrounding.


Nova KBM

The bureaus of this bank are equipped with professional LCD displays. The network is centrally managed, what means, that the content management and the displays functioning control takes place from a single centre. 


42. International Trade Fair (MOS) 

At the 2nd International Trade Fair we have set the info terminals Impuls TV. Their purpose was to inform the visitors about the current events on the fairground and to promote the fair exhibitors.

Impuls TV represents dynamical digital advertising. Its advantages are flexibility no matter the location or the time of use and its presence at the place of purchase, where the majority of purchase decisions take place and it uses a digital medium that attracts 2 times more people than the static printed media does. 


Sonček d.o.o.

In the shop window of the Sonček d.o.o bureau in Ljubljana we have set two 46” Brilan High Brightness displays. 

They are used for displaying the tourist agency’s current offers.


Termoelektrarna Brestanica / TES Brestanica

The business building’s lobby is equipped with an interactive info point. There is 46” Samsung IR touchscreen LCD display, placed on a special stand. It enables the access to the application that gives you the opportunity of an insight to TEB production.


Pomaranča bar

There is an integrated system Lounge TV integrated into the LCD displays, which is adjusted in a way that it can follow the visual image of the Pomaranča bars. Lounge Tv includes TV and video signal, RSS news feed and Pomaranča bar’s own promotion using banners. The content is controlled through LoungePanel web application. That enables adding, changing or removing of the contents anytime and anywhere. 


CNC Murko d.o.o.

The production facilities are equipped with 40" LCD display with integrated PC. It contains the weather information, date, time and current news from the company.


Trivius d.o.o.

At the railway station Ljubljana were installed 57" Brilan exterior LCD displays and four 46" Brilan interior LCDs that formed a video wall.