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Podjetje GAREX d.o.o. si nenehno prizadeva k razvoju inovativnih rešitev na vseh področjih delovanja podjetja. Za ta namen smo ustvarili inovativno razvojni program INCUBATOR, kjer vzpodbujamo praktično usposabljanje štundetov ter jih vključujemo pri razvoju novih DEMO produktov.

Gender recognition

The system plays a promotional content defined by the sex of the person standing in front of the screen.

There can be muliple contents in different formats (pictures, video, animation) stored on server, distinguished by target viewer.

This inovative technology - targeted advertising is possible because of custom made software that reads face characteristics and then determinates whether the person is male or female.

By using this system we can add special value to traditional digital advertising, because we can surprise the viewer and talk directly to their needs. We can provide them with special promotional message that will encourage them to make further actions


Smart Volumen Control

The system was developed for the purpose of reporting via desktop computers.

When a person approaches the desktop PC with the instaled SVC the system gradually increases sound or message to the pree-set volume. When a person leaves the area infront of a PC the sound again reduced to a minimum or to the pree-set volume.


MP3 Player for X-BOX KINECT

Customized Audio player for X-box Kinect that recognise hand gestures for play, pause, stop, next and previous. Turn on your speakers and watch this video we made testing the application.