Innovating smart cities with predictive analytics

Increase a quality of life in your surroundings with advanced smart lighting solution

Nowadays, every city needs a smart lighting system, that’s a fact. But what if we say that the concept of smart lighting system can be grown even further? That smart lighting system can predict future events and by doing so increase quality of life in cities?

Main advantage of this system is advanced up-to-date data collection, analyses and future prediction, built on IoT technology. However, we have not forget about energy efficiency, as well. Lamps have advanced systems for light regulation and surrounding movements monitoring, making them up to 80 % more energy efficient compared to traditional streetlights.

GeoEnergetika, Garex and Impedanca have developed a prototype of a smart lighting system as a platform for predictive analytics, by using technologies of machine vision and artificial intelligence. By measuring some of the main environmental parameters (moist, gases, particulate matter, temperature and many others), system itself can predict future happenings and assure optimal quality of life.

Idea for this innovative product was born in the heart of Europe in Slovenia, one of the world’s most sustainable countries. And now it’s ready to be implemented worldwide, starting from Ireland. Feel free to contact us on

An essential part of this smart lightning system are highly innovative lamps. They are designed to fit in every urban landscape infrastructure, without any negative impact on its aesthetics. Forget about big and robust structures – all sensors for monitoring environmental parameters are hidden inside the lamps, which is a complete novelty on the market.

The operation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European union under European Regional Development Fund.

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