Smart lighting of sustainable cities of the future

We are developing the project together with two Slovenian companies GeoEnergetika and Impedanca.

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We are aware that the reliable and stable operation of systems is important for successful business.  Our team of experts constantly eliminates errors, provides updates and takes care for smooth operation  and provides customer support through regular maintenance and management. We offer various forms of maintenance to our customers, for both products and SLA models.

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The integration of our own digital messaging product, NEX software, with the e-commerce solution, connects the digital signage communication of the classic point of sale with the communication of the online store and other websites. Central management of all communication channels enables the customer to unify communication and automate the customization of messages to the channel type; linking the channels with back-end systems can effectively promote sale. The multi-channel turnkey solution is tailored for use in different industries.

We optimize and digitize your business processes.

Practical knowledge and experience in various business areas enable us to create quality, efficient and fast solutions for the client.


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