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Wise platform for
wiser cities

Intelligent device control using machine learning, big data processing, and advanced analytics.

Meet Wise Alice - an open platform for managing urban infrastructure. 

Meet Wise Alice - a platform designed for efficient management of urban infrastructure. Developed by Garex's Smart Cities Development Department, it is an open platform that integrates various devices into smart city ecosystems. With machine learning, Big Data processing and advanced analytics, Wise Alice enables intelligent, automated control, including pattern-based prediction, forecasting and performance decision-making.

Wise Alice is a tool that offers real-time environmental data analysis and allows for city monitoring.


It is created for various city institutions to plan, manage and improve urban infrastructure in the short, medium and long term. The platform also helps to identify daily, weekly, monthly or longer-term patterns that can be saved for analysis or downloaded for real-time observation.

Overall, Wise Alice is the perfect solution for effective integration and management, making it an ideal addition to any smart city ecosystem.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence make understanding data more efficient, enabling open API development.

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The operation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European union under European Regional Development Fund.

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The interface simplifies the city’s infrastructure, facilitating data-based decisions.

Wise Alice benefits

Wise Alice is an open platform that allows customers to integrate various city stakeholders, devices, and systems from different manufacturers into a single interface. This interface gives users a simple, user-friendly, transparent, and up-to-date view of the city's infrastructure. As a result, users can make data-driven decisions and plan with improved environmental impacts.

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The Open Platform

The software generates customized insights and exports diagrams, tables, and graphs for sharing.

Arbitrary settings

Various levels of user accounts can be established, as well as groups for both users and devices. Additionally, it is possible to configure emergency notifications with customizable parameters.

Switch to smart city lighting

We proudly announce our collaboration with Impedanca, d.o.o., in developing an innovative product that enhances smart city management. Our product features a state-of-the-art lighting system with built-in sensors capable of capturing real-time data on various environmental factors, such as temperature, CO2 levels, particulate matter concentration, and pedestrian movement. This system represents a significant upgrade from traditional lighting systems and can be seamlessly integrated with our open smart platform.

Our cutting-edge product consists of two components that can be purchased separately or as a package. With our advanced analytics, we can effectively manage lighting in urban environments, providing a comprehensive solution to smart city management.

In summary, our partnership with Impedanca, d.o.o. has resulted in a product offering unparalleled smart city management capabilities. Incorporating a lighting system with built-in sensors and advanced analytics provides a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of modern urban environments.

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Wise Alice Aplikacija

Customers can integrate different devices.

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The operation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European union under European Regional Development Fund.

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