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An intelligent disinfection station

Digital display with a thermal sensor and automatic disinfection spray

Primer IR kamere
IR kamera in termo senzor

IR camera and thermal sensor for temperature detection

Upravljanje vsebin in nadzor nad celotnim sistemom

Content management and remote control of the entire system (e.g., fluid consumption)

Senzor razpršilnika razkužila

Automatic disinfectant spray sensor with color indicator light

Integracija z zalednimi sistemi

Integration with back-end systems and connectivity with intelligent devices

5000 ml prostornine za razkužilo

5000 ml disinfectant volume

Realen vpogled v delovanje

Real-time insight into device operation and usage statistics

Kovinsko ohišje z vodoodporno zaščito

Metal housing with waterproof protection

Zaslon na dotik

The possibility of triggering actions depending on the measurement result, e.g., opening, closing the door

The turnkey solution

In the days when the world was confronted with a coronavirus pandemic, we at Garex identified the challenges posed by the global emergency and, over time, launched a solution that offers many benefits for different target groups.



The digital display with a built-in automatic spray for hand disinfection, an IR camera, and a thermal sensor for fever detection is currently the hottest novelty in the range of digital displays.



As hand disinfection and temperature measurement are becoming indispensable nowadays, it makes sense to place screens at all points with a large flow of people. The complete solution offers both hardware and software, on-site installation, maintenance, and management.

The intelligent station replaces a person at the entrance who measures visitors' temperature before entering and warns them of the mandatory hand disinfection.

Pametna postaja umestitev

Intelligent, useful

The intelligent station can be mounted on a stand or the wall. The waterproof metal housing is white and has a built-in automatic disinfectant spray sensor, an IR camera, and a thermal sensor for contactless temperature measurement of passers-by's temperature.

The high-resolution 21-inch screen (Full HD) is suitable for providing all the information you want to share with your customers, employees, or users. The digital display is ideal for 24-hour operation as it is equipped with the latest LCD technology, has a built-in playback unit, and no access control buttons.

In addition to the 5000 ml screen and dispenser, the device also includes a built-in stainless steel stand for excess disinfectant. You can also add a battery that allows you to move the station to different locations in the room.

Celovita rešitev
Programska oprema


NEX Software Management

The solution works on a proprietary digital advertising platform called NEX®. This enables you to:

  • a central insight into the system,

  • remote control with one or several hundred displays,

  • immediate insight into the operation of equipment and events on-site,

  • monitoring the condition of the disinfectant at each site, viewing user statistics (e.g., number of temperature measurements, disinfectant consumption, considering by hours, days, months),

  • integration into the existing digital network and standardization of communication at the locations,

  • integration with the customer's back-office system​

  • the possibility to initiate campaigns (e.g., opening, the closing of the branch according to the measurement result)

Intelligent station gfx.png

You can play content on the digital display in all standard formats (MPEG, WMV, AVI, JPEG, BMP, SWF, etc.), set a playback schedule, or start playback of content a specific event.

Upravljanje vsebin
Integracija z zalednimi sistemi
Realen vpogled v delovanje
Zaslon na dotik
Nex programska oprema za digitalno oglaševanje

Content management of the entire system remotely (e.g., fluid consumption, setting the content schedule).

Integration with back-end systems and intelligent integration of a smart device with existing customer platforms.

Real-time insight into Smart Station operation and usage statistics.

The ability to initiate actions, e.g., open, close the door according to the measurement result

Technical Information


Screen dimensions:

Screen weight:


Screen resolution:

Screen format:

Screen contrast:

Display brightness:

Display angle:

Screen usage:

Response time:

Video formats supported:


Supported photo formats:


Body colour:


Power supply:


21.5 inches

94x32x62 cm

25 kg

110x49x63 cm

1920x1080 px



300 cd/m2





MP4, TS, M2T


Metal, waterproof


Two options - wall mount or freestanding

Electricity use

• Automatic disinfectant spray sensor

• Automatic IR sensor

• 5000 ml volume of disinfectant

• Built-in pedestal for excess disinfectant or drip

• Optional - battery in case of portable screen

• IR camera

• Thermo sensor for measuring the temperature of visitors / customers

• WiFi / 4G connectivity

Tehnične specifikacije
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