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Comprehensive digital signage solutions

Comprehensive solution

From idea to action

The company GAREX d.o.o. - GAREXdigital is focused on developing complete solutions in the field of innovative digital advertising. With our selected partners, we ensure long-lasting and reliable operation. In Slovenia, we create media to help our clients gain profitable relationships with their audiences.

We provide a high level of service in both technical and content issues as a part of a comprehensive solution.

The future is digital

By installing digital displays on your premises you can avoid costs of printing  and reduce distribution costs, whereby you can communicate via multiple displays within a single medium by changing content instantly. You can communicate information with a new solution in real time. The ability to periodic playing the content allows the content to be adjusted to the display or individual location according to the intended demographic structure of the location.


Digital messaging is a great medium for presenting offers, services, innovations and benefits and, consequently, a great sales promotion channel.

Create. Publish. Distribute.

We provide turnkey solutions which include hardware (digital display, content player, etc.), information software and management and maintenance services.

Celovita rešitev

Professional, certified displays from verified European suppliers.

Lastnosti digitalnih displejev
Strojna oprema


Optimal placement in space

State-of-the-art, dedicated LCD and LED displays are suitable in all conditions in 24/7/365 mode.

Advantages of installing dedicated LCDs and LEDs:

  • Longer life (the displays are equipped with the latest LCD and LED technology) 

  • Built-in player 

  • Operating 24 hours a day

  • High luminosity

  • Custom housings

  • Option to place it outside (-40 to +40 degrees Celsius)

  • Displays do not have control buttons accessible

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Own platform

The solution operates on its own digital advertising platform called NEX®.

It allows you to create, edit and distribute any content:

  • pictures,

  • video content,

  • html static and dynamic pages

  • RSS feeds,

  • different internet resources,

  • websites, etc. at the desired locations

Creating and editing content

Digital advertising software enables the central management of a network with one or hundreds of displays. You can play content in all standard formats (MPEG, WMV, AVI, JPEG, BMP, SWF, etc.), you can set a play schedule, or start content playback at a specific event.

Playing content in selected locations

With an advanced content management system, you can create different channels and playback schedules, which can be attributed to a specific display. You can play different content on different displays or single content on all displays at once. Content can be triggered at a specific event, such as a campaign that starts and ends at a specific time, or click you can alert customers with a single to a service in the immediate area.

Content distribution network

Content is stored centrally on the server. The server makes sure that each of the content is uploaded to a specific display at the desired time. As soon as content is updated on the server, it is automatically updated on all displays that play the content.

Programska oprema

Multimedia production

Digital is visual

A key part of digital messaging is quality of the content visualization. A team of experienced multimedia designers with up-to-date approaches and skills ensures high messaging of custom-made content.

Multimedijska produkcija

Maintenance and management

Fast and efficient

We provide fast, efficient assistance and remote debugging. Managing the digital messaging network and ensuring its smooth operation is a key service to the successful operation of a comprehensive solution.

Nex programska oprema za digitalno oglaševanje
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