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Smart Cities

Explore intelligent planning and integrated urban management solutions for a smart future.

Innovative platforms of the future

Garex d.o.o. specializes in developing innovative software that caters to the unique needs of smart cities. Managing cities efficiently is crucial with the challenges urban areas face due to ever-growing populations.

Our Smart City Solutions division has completed two major projects. The first, Platai, is an intelligent management platform (Wise Alice) that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data on smart lighting for smart cities. The second project, PULS, is an integrated smart city system that involves GeoEnergetika d.o.o., Impedanca d.o.o., and Garex d.o.o. These projects were supported by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

To meet the increasing demands of urban populations and cope with the growth of cities, it's essential to improve urban management and the efficient management of public services. This requires effectively integrating, planning, and managing the entire urban infrastructure.

Wise Alice, an open platform for urban infrastructure management

Wise Alice prikaz vmesnika

PULS, the Perceptive Urban Smart Lighting System

PULS sistem delovanje
Celovita rešitev
Ecologically Friendly City

Grow smarter and manage better.

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