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E-Commerce Business Analyst (m/f)

Knowledge, experience and qualifications:

  • Ability to understand the needs of business requirements.

  • Ability to coordinate business requirements with the development team and its technical skills.

  • Ability to identify the customer's problem or requirement.

  • Ability to write down requirements and deliver quality specifications to the development team.

  • Ability to liaise with key stakeholders.

  • Ability to take an analytical approach to solve requirements/problems.

  • Excellent written skills in English and Slovenian.

  • Previous experience with project processes and implementation of new solutions.

  • Understanding of the interconnections between systems.

  • Ability to implement a user manual (instructions) for implemented solutions.

  • Ability to deliver training and presentations on implemented solutions.

Work tasks:

  • Identifying the client's business requirements.

  • Identifying business requirements and coordinating them with the client.

  • Coordinating business requirements with the technical team and proactively finding solutions.

  • Inventorying tasks and preparing the necessary specifications for the development team (user story).

  • Preparation of diagrams (user flow diagrams and sequence diagrams).

  • Preparation of criteria (acceptance criteria).

  • Preparation of test scenarios.

  • Test management and test execution.

  • Preparation of test environments for testing (test users and test products).

  • Liaison between key links/participants in the implementation of the solution.

  • Coordination of the instructions for the use of the final solution.

  • Training and support in the use of the final solution.

Personality traits:

  • Effective teamwork and precision at work.

  • Minimum of 2 years experience working in the required fields.

We offer:

  • Full-time employment for an indefinite time with a probationary period of three months

  • Stimulation

  • Working in a young creative team, ready to share their knowledge

  • Independence at work

  • A tidy and relaxed work environment in Ljubljana and Maribor.

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