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Greetings from Berlin

Greetings from the largest tech event in Europe, where Garex people are checking out the latest developments in consumer electronics and communications technology. We are just breaking through manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and others who are presenting new models of their products. They are now capable of much, much more than before. And at this fair they did their best that we did not overlook their achievements!

There are two trends at the forefront of our industry - 4K and 8K video resolution screens where all DS hardware focuses. And it looks crazy! We are noticing a lot of support for voice services and voice assistants like Google Assistant/Home, Alexa and Siri, digital signage is fully integrated with internet services, but we have to mention the top new electronic gadgets, electric scooters, new phones ... we are checking, writing down and most of all - enjoying ! We will bring - as always, something for you to try.



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